Within 5 to 10 minutes of waking up I do #301 push ups every morning.

The whole exercise takes me about 15 minutes on average from start to finish.

When I feel tired and can’t be bothered I think about Carl Froch who apparently does #350 every day.

I am very disciplined and I know this much, you can’t become a champion feeling sorry for yourself so I get up and I push up no matter what.

Recently I decided to give a go at the record of push ups one can do in one minute. So from time to time I attempt to break my own record.

This very morning I broke my record and did #86 in 60 seconds flat.

As I was going down the stairs to the kitchen to make a coffee, my sweet little daughter Andrea was coming up.

I asked her to guess how many I did today. She responded at once “#100?”.

My initial reaction was to think to myself “no, I can’t do that, it is impossible”. And then I proudly told her #86 but in my mind I knew at once I had to seriously rewire my thought process if I was going to ever be able to beat the world record and do #120 in 60 seconds.

It is all in the mind, I know that. I say that constantly. Yet I failed to work on it and make it a reality for me to beat my push ups record.

Nothing makes winners like winning.

Small victories always lead to bigger ones.

Only thinking in the right way makes thinking in the right way.

And this applies to life in general and to work and service of course.

To push up #120 I must have faith, I must believe I can do it in the first place. To actually do it I need to work hard and practise, I need to have a vision and be able to see myself do #120 or even #150. It will take time and I can only do small incremental improvements but I will get there as long as I do what I have just said.

It is up to me and only me can do it.

How many push ups can you do in one minute?

Make Excellence a habit.