In a restaurant it is easy to spot a good team and its star players just by watching and observing them work together.

A busy or quiet service are equally as exciting to watch because each offer their own challenges.

For me it is as entertaining as watching a Premiership match.

It is both fun and educational to relate football to restaurant and to draw the parallel with the skills level, the communication, the vision of the game, the positioning of each players on the pitch, the focus, and the strategy to name but a few.

In football you rarely see the players stop in the middle of the field and talk at length (about tactics or the game in play) to each other. They don’t because they don’t need to.

For 90 minutes they stay focused and keep their eyes on the ball. They play the same game. They know where he ball is, but most importantly they are naturally and automatically able to anticipate where the ball will be next.

Then they run in the tightest of gaps to try and score.

Only the other team who is defending is also anticipating where the ball will be next.

And so it can happen that the defender is there ahead of the striker. If however the defender is late, the striker gets the ball and score.

Anyway back to our topic, restaurants and to my point.

During service in a good restaurant, staff do not really need to hold endless meetings in the middle of the room.

Good teams play the restaurant game like a top football team plays in the Premiership. They have their eye firmly on the ball and anticipate where the ball will be next. Before a guest even think about it the G&T is served just as they like it, the order of table 3 is taken and table 16 is already reset for another guest. And water, bread and butter have magically appeared on table 7.

No long discussions, no debate, no agonising decisions, no unnecessary delays. Everyone is focused and sees the same things because they all look in the right direction at the right time.

Make Excellence a Habit!