Nowadays, everyone, every single organisation, no matter the sector or industry talks about the Holy Grail of business – customer service and customer satisfaction.

So few however make the efforts required to plan ahead, properly think and train their staff on the ultimate customer journey within their business.

So few do not know the critical customer touch points along the journey that make all the difference.


So few perform and deliver at the highest level and get it consistently right.
If one is really serious about customer service and want to be the number one, there is only one way – to think and act like a champion.

But first it is vital to make a journey of discovery and research within ourselves and ask some key questions about our real desire, our appetite, and our motivation.

  • What do we really want?
  • What do we want to be?
  • How much do we want it?
  • How much sacrifice are we prepared to make to get what we want?
  • What pains are we prepared to go through to claim the ultimate reward?
  • Are we really serious about putting our customer first?

What is even more important is to realise what we should be doing to get there : in the land of total customer satisfaction.

Clearly many organisations around the world are working very hard (or at least think they are) at it and spending a lot of energy and efforts to get the point across.

It is about creating the right culture within.

A culture that is consistent with a high level performance.

The Holy Grail : a company wide customer service culture.

A customer service culture however is first and foremost about each individual within the organisation.

And culture is about all the little things that we do and that make customers feel good. It is not about what we say or what we say we do. Culture is about action.

Culture is about high standards.

Standards are by definition standards. No matter the day, time or staff member they will be delivered at the highest level.

A service culture is about creating trust with customers so that they have faith in the business and know in their heart they can rely on our services because we will always deliver.

It starts and ends with us.

It is about reaching a higher state of consciousness, both on a personal and on a collective level.

It is about adopting a whole new business and personal philosophy where OWNERSHIP and RESPONSABILITY become THE words of truth inside everyone within the organisation.

It is about realising the power of positive thinking and positive energy and believing in the beauty of rigor and discipline to deliver excellence.

So if you are thinking about improving the service within your organisation (regardless of the size, sector or industry), simply think like a customer, put yourself in their shoes and imagine what it feels like to be on the other side of the counter or phone.

What would you like the service to be?

What would make a difference?

Rewind and go back to the very start of the journey and map out all the touch points.

Then think how you can add value to every single touch points to create an amazing journey – the very kind you crave for and deserve and would like ‘you’ to deliver to you.

Make Excellence a Habit!

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