The customer journey (and how the customer feels during his journey) is the most important feature of any business.
Yet, all too often it is not thought through properly, it can ignored altogether or not followed up on nor monitored in any way.

Brands and businesses across industries and sectors keep on failing to understand the direct link between the company culture and the customer journey.

A company culture is what creates trust between a brand and its customers – the customer journey is what creates the culture. Customers like brands they can be confident in because they know that no matter what the brand will deliver.

This does not happen by chance, it is about having a vision in the first place. It is about having a deep belief and a conviction that THIS IS the way to do it because THIS IS what customers want and HOW they want it done.
Venture capitalists are well known do their initial investment calculations on a back of “fag pack”, there is no difference with the customer journey of a business. If one can’t write it on a simple piece of paper then one can’t be serious about the success of the brand.
For example here is how it starts for any businesses or brands anywhere in the world.

Meet and greet at reception

Hostess, Manager or any staff specifically responsible for reception to meet and greet customers as soon as they enter the premises.
The Golden Rules at reception are:
• I see the customers before they see me
• I smile to the customers before they smile at me
• I say hello to the customers before they say hello to me
It is very simple and basic but it takes A LOT of resilience, ownership and determination to see it through and ensure it happens every single times. When it does and it is delivered without fail the company culture begins to grow.
It is never too late to start.
Make Excellence a Habit.