Much is being made and talked about service and how to deliver an amazing customer experience.
As I have written on this blog before service is black or white.
Either you perform and deliver and hit a 9 or 10 out of 10 (the only scores that brings loyalty) or you don’t.
Either you deliver an amazing experience or one that people won’t remember the day after (or worse one that they would rather forget about).
Either you win or you lose.
It is about more than the desire to win, it is about being the best and not settling for less than a top finish on the podium.
I have a very old school style and belief about service. I believe in the beauty and power of rigor and discipline. Excellence simply can’t be delivered without those qualities.
I also believe in Laying Plans as per the very 1st chapter of The Art of War by Sun Tzu written in 2nd century BC.

Going to war or battle (or from my own experience when fighting in a ring) is not to be taken in a light hearted manner. A plan (of attack) is there to give you direction and confidence in victory.

While I am not suggesting for one second we are at war with our customers I think the principles of Laying Plans apply to any businesses and their staff when dealing with customers. 

Laying Plans also implies an understanding and deep knowledge of our customers (or the enemy in The Art of War) within our own operations.
To win in customer service is being able to adapt, engage, connect and instil TRUST with our customers. This is a conscious decision we make. It is about a BESPOKE approach to customer service which makes every person a valued and respected individual. It is about putting yourself in the customers shoes, seeing the world through their eyes and giving them what they want before they ask for it. It is about adding 25% on top of the value of the bill or invoice.
Socrates famously said that the “unexamined life is not worth living”. I say: “The unexamined customer service is not worth delivering.”
But how can a brand engineer the delivery an amazing customer experience time after time?
Laying Plans and KNOWING your customers are only the foundation of the overall strategy. What is important is to bring it all together and make it work in practice on the ground.
Like Mourinho in football you must be a winner, you must want to win, you must be confident and believe in your own ability, you must know the formula of victory and you must know about customer service tactics within your business, industry or sector.
An amazing customer experience is about “parking two buses rather than one”. A good manager will know how to orchestrate such a game plan as seen in the Liverpool vs Chelsea game.
As per the Golden Rule of service number 4 make sure your staff stay in position and stay in their station. Make sure also all staff know what is expected of them and how you want your service meticulously done.
Communicate your plan of action and practice customer service with The Art of Service and Make Excellence a Habit.