In my latest blog article I talked about focus. To do so I laid out five simple touch points to give clear directions on how to better perform and deliver excellence.
The full article is published below but for memory here are the five touch points:
1. Think
2. Look at
3. See
4. Act
5. Look after
Since the publication of the focus article, I have delivered many training and coaching sessions to very varied audiences – from line staff to senior management.
While the message clearly made sense and was understood by most I sensed that a few people were struggling to really assimilate the true essence of what I was talking about.
By and large I believe in people, that they are genuine and given the chance will always try to do their best to succeed in whatever they are doing.
At times however there can be an unconscious disconnection between what people think (or think they think) and how they link and translate the dots together in real life. 
As a manager we double up as a coach and a trainer and it is up to us to read between the lines to understand accurately if, where and when the dots are not joined up. It is about reaching out, engaging and connecting with the very people we are teaching and coaching.

Basically it is a never ending quest to look for and find the switch inside their mind that will turn their thoughts and objectives into reality-i.e. an amazing customer experience.
The most common mistakes that unexperienced managers make is two-fold:

A: Failure to grasp the importance of attention to details in making a customer experience
B: Lack of discipline and rigor. A minute, relentless and persistent follow up is necessary to deliver the winning attention to details
However, when you speak to people about what it precisely takes to deliver great customer service you invariably and all too often get the same “woolly” generic statements and buzz words lifted from management manuals or quotes from famous industry names or other celebrities. Trouble is, there is no substance in these answers and so they mean nothing. What we need is clear examples and simple standards to follow and ensure staff perform and deliver to the highest levels at all times.
First people need to know what they are looking for so they can pro-actively act on what they see.
How do you get people to see and realise what they should actually do?
How do you make people responsible? How do you teach ownership?
How do you find the switch in people?

Well, let me tell you a short story about my four-year old son Lucien.
Whenever we get in the car as a family and drive anywhere Lucien is
always on the look out to spot animals. He never misses a rabbit, a
chicken or a cow.
The reason he never fails to
spot a cow is that he is actively looking out for them. Because he is
looking for them, he finds and he sees them and tells us about it – it
is this simple.
Let’s go back to customer service now.
about the customer journey and each touch points within the journey
just like Lucien looks out of the window and always spots the cows.
One obvious point I must make absolutely clear: Lucien wants to see the cows in the first place.
Ask yourself these questions then:
you want to deliver great customer service? Do you look at and see the
customers? Do you know where they are at in their journey? Do you think
about what they want or why they are here for? Do you actively ask
yourself what would or could make their experience amazing?
Can you see the cows now?
Make Excellence a Habit.