Waiting (or waitressing) has a dreadful reputation in the UK. The belief is that it is  a job for the unskilled, with long hours, a lot of verbal abuse and criminally low pay.

No wonder the hospitality industry struggles to attract young British people into front of house service.

We really need to change the image to show that it can be fun, that it is a skilled profession and that it can lead to a proper career progression with decent rewards.

So, let’s start right now.

I propose we launch a day of celebration – National Waiter’s Day to showcase and share our vision for the future and tell the UK public about all the wonderful opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Let’s do the first one on June 23, when it’s spring; the season of new beginnings and fresh starts.

I see this day as a celebration of the excellence, dedication, hard work and discipline of all 2.5 million working in the Hospitality Industry in the UK.

This special day will allow us to reach out like never before and demonstrate the values of our profession and the contribution we make to the national economy.  Better still, it will also be a good opportunity for an official day of partying and fun.

Here are a few examples of activities that I would like to see happen on that day:

  • Open doors in participating restaurants, bars, hotels so that school children, undergraduates, job seekers etc… can visit and be given talks by the managers, chefs or owners

  • Open doors in all Catering Colleges to allow students to visit and learn about the courses on offer

  • A series of public seminars about the wider opportunities of the profession

  • National stunt where major celebrities agree to work for a day in a restaurant, bar, hotel of their choice

  • Co-ordinated media campaign: TV interviews in news and special programs, radio interviews about the Hospitality Industry and its many opportunities…

  • Interviews with famous people who were, at one point in their lives, waiters or waitresses

  • All major food, wines journalists critics, restaurants, bars and hotels guides as well as bloggers to (unite) and contribute a piece each in their own publication to promote the profession and encourage young people to join our ranks

  • #NationalWaitersDay to trend on Twitter for a day-led by all major food, wines journalists critics and bloggers in the UK

  • Taxis and buses to carry the flag of National Waiter’s Day-23rd June

  • The official website launched and sponsored by {place name here} and {here} and {here} will be the hub of all activities and the place to create and share the connections made

These are only a few ideas which need developing and refining. The whole thing definitely needs more meat on the bone but the gist of it is there.

So what do you say? Are you up for it?

National Waiter’s Day-23rd June-It’s up to you (US).