I can’t tell you how often I have heard the same old response through the years and from so many different people.

“Yes but, Fred… I don’t understand why you are saying that. The guests were happy, they were enjoying themselves and thanked us when they left. I promise you, they had a good time.”

First thing first:

-    Yes but: it’s about making excuses and it does not exist in my vocabulary. Period.
-    How do you know the guests (REALLY) enjoyed themselves? Didn’t it occurred to you that they could (JUST) be polite and did not want to offend you/us?

Let’s talk football now:

Great football managers and players in division 1 are (NEVER) satisfied with a win if it comes with a sub-standard performance.

Although both the fans and the opposition may not have seen or realise the flaws in the style of play, the lack of communication, the sluggishness and lack of urgency or the basic “silly little mistakes” that the other team made, those (TRULY) in division 1 are not only (FULLY) aware of their short comings but (ALWAYS) prepared to work hard to learn from them and improve.

Football and restaurants are the same: A win is a win is a win! And a happy guest is a happy guest is a happy guest!

Whether it is football or restaurant, in division 1 no one is (EVER) satisfied with a (POOR) win because it would be like lying to oneself and sooner rather than later there will be no other choice but to go down and play with (THE OTHERS) in division 2 or worse….

Never stand still, go forward and make excellence a habit!