I don’t think there is a need to define what is bad service.

We all know what it is.

We have experienced it as a guest in a restaurant, heard about it from our friends and family or at times even witnessed it in our own places.

Bad service happens when (you)/a guest wants something and does not get it in time or at all.

There can be many reasons for this-lack of organisation, bad system(s), kitchen equipment failure, inadequate staffing levels, lack of training, over booking and so on…

The other contributing factor for a service to be defined as bad (or worse) by a guest is the repetition of mistakes (whatever they may be) through a meal. This “domino effect” can be the sole responsibility of one person or the entire team. In the end however it is always THE restaurant that pays the price.

As a professional I always worked so hard to deliver good service and more importantly train others to ensure they are equipped and feel confident to perform at the highest level and deliver the expected amazing experience to guests.

But still this is not enough and even with the best of intentions BAD service can still happen.

Let’s go back to my point above “WE ALL know what it is”. This means WE have ALL the power to provide GOOD service.

Now please consider this: Wherever we come from in the world we are all brought up and educated following the same principles and share many common values. I am sure we all agree that all people are the same fundamentally and want the same things: love, respect, compassion (mainly). For that reason The Art of Service Golden Rule number 8 is “Treat others the way you would want to be treated”.

So here is my question: How can a professional who understands (or says he/she does) the need to put him/herself in the guest’s shoes can still deliver bad service? How can you do to someone what you wouldn’t like done to yourself? How can you give bad service to a guest who pays the bill (and literally feed you)?

I am (only) talking about small things. Like for example: make guests unnecessarily wait to take their order, give a bill 10 minutes after it was asked for (and process payment after another 10 minutes), forget to take a drinks order or serve the drinks etc…

Unfortunately these small mistakes add up and when repeated they will spoil a guest’s experience and ruin a business reputation.

Mistakes do happen and are acceptable. Repeated mistakes however are negligence and that’s not on – WE ALL know this.

Make excellence a habit and give good service!