The scale of ownership is a concept.

It’s about measuring what (truly) matters and what (really) makes a difference. The scale weighs up a very real yet intangible and invisible component present in all of us:

Our true and pure sense of ownership which is made of the four following parts:

  • 70% responsibility level
  • 10% urgency level
  • 10% knowledge and expertise level
  • 10% loyalty level

For managers and businesses knowing someone’s ownership weight is very important because you can then make informed decisions and decide who can best represent or support you, who you should train and develop and/or possibly promote or just simply work well with. However the challenge is huge. Not only everyone is a different weight, everyone uses a different scale to measure ownership.

And some scales are way off!

Hence why there are so many discrepancies in attitudes and behaviours in teams and businesses.  Success for an organisation comes from using a common and shared scale and from ensuring every team member is over the minimum weight limit.

In fact the heavier you are (lean muscle of course) the better it is. The heavier you are on the scale, the more you care, the more you are able to perform and deliver, the more you are trusted and respected and the more successful you can be.

Do you know how much you or your team weigh on the universal ownership scale?  If you don’t, get on the scale with your team, look in the mirror and find out what your real weights are.