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l-r Richard Vanstone Neville UK Glenn Roberts BRITA Professional Penny Moore Hospitality Action - (2)

Richard Vanstone Neville UK, Glenn Roberts Brita Professional and Penny Moore Hospitality Action

Water Filter Company Brita Professional has raised £2,000 for industry charity, Hospitality Action (HA), via their recently organised Purity C Steam Cycling Challenge held at this year’s Great Hospitality Show, in London.

The challenge was kick started by National Chef of the Year 2013, Hayden Groves, and saw over 100 visitors jump on the bike to beat each others times.  The task – to see how far they could cycle in 180 seconds – the average time it takes to exchange the new Purity C Steam cartridge, and a nod to HA’s 180th anniversary.

At the end of the event, it was Richard Vanstone, sales controller, Neville UK who raced to victory with an impressive 1.3 miles cycled in 180 seconds. Richard receives £250 worth of vouchers for a Michelin-starred restaurant of his choice.

Penny Moore, chief executive of Hospitality Action, said of the challenge: “We are delighted that BRITA chose to support our charity in this way, and are very grateful to everyone who took part in the challenge. The money raised will go directly towards helping those in our industry who have fallen on hard times and really will make an enormous impact on our beneficiaries’ lives.”

Glenn Roberts, sales director, Brita Professional, added: “We’d like to thank everyone who took part in our event at the show. We’re thrilled to have raised so much money for Hospitality Action and to have joined them in celebrating 180 years as the industry’s leading charity.”

Visitor’s donations amounted to £1,000 which were matched by Brita.

Hayden Groves gears up for Three Tours charity challenge

Hospitality Action celebrates 180 years