Online market research company OnePoll has commissioned the study we have all been waiting for – what is Britain’s favourite pie?

Gone are the days of pondering over pies at the chip shop. No longer must we feel flustered when posed with the prospect of cooking pie for a dinner party. From now on, even your film choices have been made easier for you thanks to this glorious survey sent from the OnePoll gods…

Because the classic American Pie came out on top!

1. Apple

The study of 2,000 people voted apple pie as the favourite. Female participants in particular had more of a sweet tooth. A third of adults said they chose to make apple pie with their families more than any other kind of pie.


2. Shepherd’s pie

Coming in at second place, the UK born and bred Shepherd’s Pie! Four out of ten chose the lamb and potato mix above all other savoury pies.


3. Steak and ale

No surprise here, the manly men voted in favour of steak and ale pie according to OnePoll.


4. Cottage pie

Bringing home the childhood memories at number four! But is it really a pie? Begin the pastry/no pastry debate…


5. Steak & kidney

A classic ‘dad’ pie. FUN FACT: OnePoll’s survey revealed that Brits eat around two pies a month, however some admitted to eating up to ten!


6. Lemon meringue

Ah ha, our second sweet pie! During the survey, only 12% of participants said they preferred to eat a sweet pie over a savoury.


7. Chicken and mushroom

Over 84% of participants describe pie as a ‘comfort food’ and who can argue with that?


8. Pork Pie

94% of participants believe pie originated in Britain. According to OnePoll, it’s believed that pastry was invented by the Greeks thousands of years ago. The pork pie, though, is a British classic.


9. Mince pie

Tradition says you must make a wish while eating the first mince pie of the Christmas season. Can we wish for mince pies all year round?


10. Meat and potato

And finally, the pie that is said to have stood the test of time! Good old fashioned meat and potato.

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