Sensible Dave granola is available in three new recipes:  The Original One, The Strawberry One and The Berry One.Sensible Dave Packshot-34_croppedHR2.jpg

Created in the kitchens of The New White Lion in the Brecon Beacons, the home-made granola incorporates the zest of one orange in each 600g box of granola, oats from Cheshire, rapeseed oil from Herefordshire and other carefully sourced, British ingredients.

The longstanding nick-name ‘Sensible Dave’ has flourished into the happy-chappy character that features throughout the branding. With his selection of 1970′s kipper ties, Sensible Dave appears on-pack, as retro cut-outs, providing good old fashioned breakfast entertainment – no electronics in sight!

Available from 600g boxes have a SRP of £5.95 online