Australian Maggie Beer has returned to the UK to launch her Verjuice and Vino Cottom distributed to the trade through family-owned wine importer Negociants UK. 
Verjuice is made from the juice of unfermented under ripe grapes, a gentle acidulant that can be used wherever lemon juice or vinegar is too tart.  Verjuice can be used to deglaze a pan when cooking chicken or fish, in salad dressings, poaching fish or making a hollandaise.

Vino Cotto can be used in a similar way to balsamic vinegar, but with its own depth of flavour, deriving from the honey like grape and aged red wine vinegar.  Try roasting baby beetroot, or onions, in olive oil until just tender and splash with Vino Cotto before serving, or use Vino Cotto to deglaze the pan after searing beef fillets to create a syrupy sauce.

Maggie Beer Verjuice has a RRP of £6 (375ml) and £11.35 (750ml)
Maggie Beer Vino Cotto has a RRP of £14 (250ml) and £36 (1 litre)

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