Albertoutside.JPGFrench bakery and pâtisserie manufacturer Bridor de France, has a new partnership with chef Albert Roux.

Roux, who first discovered the Arc en Ciel breads at SIRHA 2013 in Lyon, France was inspired by the possibilities and scope of use and approached Bridor with his own recipes for using them. 

This partnership has resulted in a 40 page booklet of exclusive recipes, which will be available to both chefs and Bridor customers. 

The Arc en Ciel bread range consists of six different flavours and colours of Ciabatta style loaves including Lemon and Thyme Confit, Nori Seaweed and Tomato Confit.

Roux said: “I love coloured cuisine from England as much as from abroad and these coloured and flavoured breads allow you to express how you feel about food.

“The basic product is wonderful: it’s pure, and the flavours that emanate from each style are absolutely fantastic, allowing me to create original finger-foods, snacks and creative dishes using flavoured breadcrumbs – as served at Le Gavroche – or simple, stylish and colourful sandwiches for afternoon tea, which we serve very successfully at our hotels in Scotland.”

Recipes include: Black spiced scallops on curry bread, with prawn croquette, saffron Basmati puree and Asian Dressing, from the menu at Le Gavroche; lemon and thyme bread with Tandoori chicken, aubergine compote, coriander oil and root vegetables and a classic Afternoon Tea sushi style rolled sandwich with smoked salmon and avocado (see below).


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