Tetley has introduced a neTetley Kiosk 1 Low.jpgw self-service kiosk concept into two Moto Service areas, as part of a three-month trial.

The kiosks utilise the latest Tetley branding, bold colours and an eye-catching design to attract consumers looking for a comforting cuppa.

Containing everything needed to make the perfect cup of tea, including the option of fresh milk, the kiosks currently offer individually enveloped, standard Tetley, Tetley Earl Grey and Tetley Green Tea & Lemon.

There are two kiosks currently on trial with MOTO service stations; one in Reading East on the M4 and one in Whoolley Edge on the M1. 

The tea is served in a fully branded, Tetley ‘On-the-Go’ cup, perfect for a personalised take-away hot beverage.”