Bunzl Lockhart’s Innovation day earlier this week lived up to its promise tcorkcicle w box.jpgo showcase the latest advances and inventions from leading manufacturers, brought together at Wembley Stadium.


The novel Corkcicle is just launched by Bunzl Lockhart in the UK.  It chills the wine from inside the bottle and contains a freeze gel that you can use over and over again.  It comes to the UK with numerous US awards – and is certainly worth looking out for.


Signature’s Revolution ceramic is 100% non porous and compatible with all heat sources, including induction and microwave.


buffet_revolution_amb1.jpgThe technology and shape of the ceramic dishes make them unique in their versatility and the colours and variations in sizes and use make for an eye catching display.


The Elia Beverage Service Station is memorable for its practicality.  The unit is made from ABS plastic and compatible with any Elia Airpot. 


Its USP is its portability and adjustable height.  It also has a removable drip tray forElia.jpg cleaning and is lightweight (I know I held it) and is an ideal beverage solution.


Other innovations on display were the Vitro Ceramic contact and Salamander grills from Roller Grill and the Perfectly Safe Pint Glass from Utopia.


All of these products can be located at http://www.lockhartcatering.co.uk/