Country Range’s new i-crumb fish with breadcrumbs range includes Salmon Bites, Cod Bites, Salmon Fishcake, Whitefish Fishcake, Salmon Small Fry and Whitefish Small Fry.


According to Martin Ward, brand manager for Country Range “fish and chips remain one of the UK’s most popular meal time treats and features frequently on the best restaurant, hotel and pub menus.  With our new range of fish products, chefs can satisfy parents’ demands to give their children something a bit different from the usual fish fingers found on children’s menus, while their young companions will be satisfied because they are still eating fish coated in breadcrumbs but with more taste variation than a simple fish finger can offer.


“In addition, the range is healthier than a lot of alternative fish products as it does not come pre-fried and the crumb coating releases oil whilst being baked in the oven resulting in a crisp tasty crumb without the need for a deep fat fryer, there’s no compromise on taste making it perfect for a children’s menu, or as a healthier alternative for adults as a main course or starter”.


Alternatively, chefs can serve up Country Range’s new Scampi Bites – a tasty blend of hake and scampi wrapped in breadcrumbs. Deep fried in just four minutes at 180°C, Scampi Bites can be served with fries, chips or potato wedges, salad or vegetables and tartare sauce, or as part of a seafood platter. Scampi Bites are free from GM ingredients and nature identicals.


“Scampi Bites are a great alternative to the ever popular scampi wholetail, which is frequently found on pub menus,” added Ward. “Scampi Bites are also great for a sharing platter or as a quick bar snack due to the speed with which they can be cooked and served.


PUBCODBITES.jpgThe i-crumb fish is all caught from sustainable sources.


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