The new Roast Jacket, exclusively supplied and distributed by Bunzl Lockhart Catering Equipment is the brainchild of Surveyor and Inventor Helen Waterston.  Waterston recently secured £70k investment for 48% of her business from Dragon’s Den Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden for her ‘Roast Cosy’ aimed at a consumer audience. The commercial name is the Roast Blanket.

Thumbnail image for Roastblanket image.jpg“I think you have a great product, I really, really do! It’s not often that people bring out products that are totally innovative and I think you’ve got that!” said Peter Jones of Dragon’s fame.

Driven by a desire to obtain a ‘reusable tinfoil’ a product Waterston had searched in vain for.  This extraordinary new product aims to provide the solution. 

It is made of high quality stainless steel and flexible chainmail and can be applied before or after cooking.  It holds heat and retains natural juices and flavour.  It rests roasts without losing heat and drying out and is perfect for use in convection ovens and holding cupboards.  You can baste the meat through the covering and it protects oven interiors from fat spit and spray. 

It’s certainly a conversation starter and brandable too. 

My prediction – look out for these at the carvery.