Feeding children healthy food – now there’s a problem. The uncooperative oiks just won’t eat what they’re given unless it is coated in chocolate, swamped in ketchup, or otherwise adulterated in some novel and unusual manner.

Take Coco Pops for example, or Cheestrings, or Monster Munch. That’s what they like. Something so unfeasibly bright and colourful and tasty, that (in their minds) mother nature couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with it.

So how on earth are you going to compete with that if you are selling boring old raisins? What’s so special about them? They’re just dried-up old grapes. They aren’t loaded with refined sugar, they haven’t been dunked in hundreds and thousands, they don’t even have caffeine in them for God’s sake.

Well, how about this? Instead of selecting a dull old moniker like “sundried raisins”, you imply instead that they were produced by an oversized ape, rummaging around in his nasal cavity with a hairy, non-opposable digit.

That’s what they decided to do with Gorilla Boogers.


That’s right, Gorilla Boogers. Because what could be more appetising than a primate’s snot? Almost anything. And that’s precisely why children will love it. Imagine the mock horror it will provoke in the playground. Even better, imagine the concerned disapproval it will inspire in the more conservative adults.

And if those aren’t good enough reasons, there is another. Gorilla Boogers has partnered the Gorilla Organisation and will sponsor the annual Great Gorilla Run in London, which aims to raise fund to protect the fewer than 800 mountain gorillas left in the wild.

The new raisins are available from amazon.co.uk, and have also been listed with distributors 3663 and Tree of Life.

And apparently, there are future plans for cereal bars, cookies, and even chocolate-coated raisins. Just don’t ask what they plan to call those…