VOG Foodservice Cateys 2018Had it not been for my lovely wife’s health issues, 2018 would go down as a great year for the Hancocks. Pride of Britain is in excellent shape with several new member hotels and sponsors to support our marketing efforts, one daughter got married, the other bought her first house and I have been busier than ever doing speaking jobs on the side (picture shows rent-a-gob at work for the Foodservice Cateys in October).

It just goes to show that opportunities exist at all levels, though as I constantly say it is better to be the cheapest or the best if you want to stay afloat. In hotel terms, we believe the 50 members of PoB to be the best of their kind and as a sub Z list guest speaker I know the work comes because of my legendary availability, and modest fees. Already in the diary for 2019 are several conferences and award ceremonies (as MC) including my first ever event in Monte Carlo.

The face may not improve with age but the voice is getting plenty of exercise!