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To my eternal shame I paid very little attention throughout my (expensive) education as a child, imagining nice jobs fell like apples from trees. It is only in later life that I have come to value the importance of learning and now hang on the words of industry experts whenever possible.

The recent HOSPACE, the conference and exhibition organised by the Hospitality Professionals Organisation (Hospa) was a case in point. With speakers of the calibre of Kate Nicholls, CEO at UK Hospitality, and the KPMG economist Mark Essex to name but two, we were treated to an abundance of up to date information and thinking.

As you may know, HOSPA is big on IT so of course we had a conference App to use. This would help me not one jot in dragging the delegates back to the room for each session and for dinner in the evening so I employed my own fool proof technology in the form of this beautiful school bell which scared the living daylights out of anyone rash enough to stand close to me. The sound must trigger childhood memories we can’t shake off, making it very effective indeed.

A high point of the day for me was “When Harry met Sally” involving two old friends, Harry Murray and Sally Beck (pictured) who gave fascinating and candid insight into their professional lives to date. So much more interesting than trying to memorise Latin verbs or the periodic table!

HOSPA conference & exhibition 2018School bell