Caterer Digital SummitIt was a pleasure to take part at the recent Caterer Digital Summit and to chair a panel discussing online hotel marketing, with the help of Claire Wilson, Jim Cockell and Matthias Mahr. Our session seemed to go smoothly, with plenty of well-informed comments from our three experts and some good questions from the audience.

Rather disconcertingly, though, I noticed I was one of only two chaps in suit and tie in the whole room – the other being Richard Hart from The Goring…and he’s a techie!

Never mind. There is still a place for some ‘traditional’ thinking about reaching out to customers by all available media, both digital and non. The host, James Stagg, was astonished to find I had successfully used the Slido App to put a question earlier in the day.

You shouldn’t just a book entirely by its cover, should you?