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MI confHas there ever been a time when hoteliers needed more skills? The basic stuff is almost taken for granted these days – creating a welcoming environment with good food, clean rooms and decent service. In the dim and distant past, when I worked as a hopelessly untrained general manager, those were the only objectives to be met. Customers seemed to just appear as though by magic and if you felt the urge to make a bit more money you simply put the prices up.

Not now. Managers must be masters of revenue management, digital marketing, cost control, HR, IT, PR and loads besides. They pay to discover what occupancy and rates their competitors are achieving and worry daily about how to fill vacancies and retain their best staff.

With such busy lives it is necessary to cram as much useful intelligence as one can into the shortest possible time, so as to keep ahead of the game. Here’s my top 5 (in no particular order) events made for the purpose:

  1. Independent Hotel Show
  2. National Hotel Marketing Conference
  3. HOSPACE (organised by HOSPA)
  4. General Managers Conference (organised by the Master Innholders)
  5. Pride of Britain’s Sales & Revenue Seminar (members only – sorry)

Your time is precious – use it wisely.