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Last Tuesday night I had the extraordinary privilege to be the “Voice of God” at the 2017 Catey Awards, presented by the publishers of The Caterer magazine at the Grosvenor House Hotel. There were 1,250 guests at the dinner and our sparkling host was Canadian stand-up comic Kathryn Ryan.

Cateys 2017(Picture shows the room while the technical team rehearsed behind the scenes before the event)

On arrival I was shown to a small table that had on it a small lamp, a pair of headphones plugged into a two way box, a script and a large microphone. To this I added a vital packet of lozenges and some lime cordial for the long task ahead.

Beside me was Julia our ‘Show Caller’ who made everything happen at precisely the right moment; 22 awards plus various speeches and bits of video. She must have the same kind of brain as an air traffic controller to be able to do that – amazing.

The best part of it for me was having such powerful amplification at my disposal, easily enabling my voice to be heard over all the talking and music. On nothing more than lime cordial I felt drunk with power!

Afterwards a leading hotelier commented that I reminded him of Alan Dedicoat (the BBC’s “Voice of the balls” for the Lotto draws). Quite handy if I should ever be offered bingo work, I suppose.