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A recent piece in The Guardian newspaper alleges that bullying and the routine abuse of staff working at restaurants is rife in this country. The claims made in the article are likely to deter young people from wanting to join our industry, just when we need lots more of them to help us cope with the high demand caterers and hoteliers are currently enjoying.

There are indeed some disgraceful people in positions of authority, especially in kitchens unfortunately, but these are the minority we need to weed out. Most people in hospitality have rewarding jobs and the best of them are making great lives for themselves thanks to their happy customers.

Several of us felt so strongly we contributed to a rebuttal.

Here’s the full response in The Caterer: https://www.thecaterer.com/articles/499101/hospitality-leaders-hit-back-at-guardian-article-which-highlights-poor-treatment-of-staff