Little did any of us expect, when agreeing to take part in a little show called Springderella (based on Cinderella of course) with the Springboard charity, that we’d end up in a beautiful modern theatre (Kings Place in London) with all the technical support afforded to proper actors including a well stocked “Green Room”. Picture shows yours truly as the Court Herald with insurance legend David Noble of James Hallam Ltd as a mouse. “Where’s my tail gone?” he cried “It’s behind you!”

SpringderellaThe most alarming aspect of it all was the regular sight of butch fellows in tights and wigs - enjoying it all rather too much if you ask me – knocking back the wine through straws to preserve their garish lipstick.

Over two nights our audiences seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show and I marvel at the main players who had them in stitches throughout.

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Panto pic