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sat Sat Bains of the two-Michelin-starred Sat Bains restaurant with rooms in Nottingham visited West Nottinghamshire College this month to give tips on culinary success.

In a question and answer session, 40 students on the college’s professional cookery, food and beverage service, and hospitality supervision and leadership courses were able to ask the chef about the restaurant business.

Also during the visit, Bains presented staff and students with the AA College Rosette recently awarded to its commercial restaurant, Refined, for the high standard of its food, service and vocational training.

Bains said: “The students asked some insightful questions and are very passionate about their future careers. I’ve been fortunate to have had a phenomenal career in this industry and I’ve been doing this a long time, so I wanted them to take the opportunity to glean as much information as they possibly could.

“I think of it as an investment; encouraging the next generation to be as determined as I was and passing on some of my experience. I’ve come from a background that wasn’t gastronomic at all; but with determination and grit, I achieved something. I want to give them the same vision that I had, and the encouragement that they can do it too.”

Sam Rash, 19, from Nottingham, who studies the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership, said: “Sat told us how he runs both aspects of his restaurant, the kitchen and front-of-house, and how he’s developed his teams there.

“Sat is really inspirational. He’s really successful but also very down to earth. I learnt a lot and came away feeling very motivated.”

Kyle Alvey, 19, from Mansfield, who studies the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Professional Cookery, said: “Sat came into the kitchens to watch what we were doing; giving advice when needed and a detailed description of why we had to do things in a certain way.

“It’s humbling to know Sat started out like us. Coming to college is the beginning of our careers and it shows what we can go on to achieve afterwards. I definitely feel more knowledgeable about the industry following his visit.”