Graeme Pallister

What was your first job in catering?
I was 15, while at school, and I worked in an Indian take-away kitchen, making stocks and breads, but mostly peeling onions
What do you normally have for breakfast?
Porridge with salt
What do you do  to relax?
Which is your favourite restaurant?
Restaurant Martin Wishart in Leith
What’s your favourite hotel?
Shangri-La Bangkok

What is your favourite food/cuisine?
Classic British and Thai
Which ingredient do you hate 
the most?
Dried herbs
Are there any foods/ingredients that you refuse to cook with? 
Cheap boxed cooking wine, what is the point in buying expensive ingredients and flavouring them with plonk?
What do you always carry 
with you?
Always seem to have a dog poo bag in every pocket, but I’m never without a pen
Which person gave 
you the greatest inspiration?
Gary Rhodes, for his focused clean flavours
Cast away on a desert island, what luxury would you take?
Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
Roald Dahl, David Attenborough and Genghis Khan
If not yourself, who would you rather have been?
I will allow my wife’s answer to stand for this one – Hugh Jackman
What is your favourite drink?
Gin and tonic, nothing else hits the spot
If you had not gone into catering, where do you think you would 
be now?
In a submarine – I had applied 
to the Navy
Describe your ultimate nightmare?
I have the occasional stressed-out service-while-naked dream!
What irritates you most about the industry?
Young chefs only wanting Michelin stars and forgetting to learn to cook on the way
What’s your favourite book?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
What is your favourite prepared food product?
Heinz beans
Who would be in your 
fantasy brigade?
Geoffrey Smeddle of the Peat Inn; Darin Campbell of One Devonshire Gardens; and Shaun Rankin of Ormer, Jersey
Graeme Pallister is chef proprietor of 63 Tay Street, Perth