Happy%20staff.jpgIn this week’s Caterer and Hotelkeeper, we offer twenty surefire ways to hang on to your most valued hotel, restaurant, bar and contract catering staff. Here are just five of them, to whet your appetite.
Our top twenty was put together with the assistance of such luminaries as Jane Sunley, from learning providers Learnpurple; and Sean Wheeler, group director of people development, Malmaison/Hotel du Vin.
ONE Keep things interesting: vary tasks and responsibilities to avoid staff boredom.
TWO Carry out regular appraisals: formal objectives provide focus and motivation, as well as a valuable communications channel.
THREE Don’t be a harsh critic: avoid a blame culture, but let staff to learn from mistakes made.
FOUR Allow people to grow: allow employees the chance to strectch themselves and shine.
FIVE Say thank you: easy to do, just as easily forgotten.
Let me know what tools you use to motivate staff and keep them onboard.