Ruth%20Watson.jpgClearly the season of the hospitality TV show is upon us. Joining Raymond, Jamie, Marco and Nigella this Thursday is Ruth Watson, whose third series of The Hotel Inspector starts on Five, on Thursday evening.
The show sees Ruth attempt to reverse the fortunes of ailing British hotels and B&Bs. In advance of the first episode, Ruth has sent us her ten top tips for improving your hotel. Here are five of her ideas, to whet your appetite for the programme.
* Keep all external signs clean and have up-to-date ratings information on them.
* Look up and smile when someone approaches the reception desk.
* Change all pillows at least once every two years.
* Sleep in every room to ascertain which are noisy, cold or uncomfortable.
* Provide hand-cut toast at breakfast, not pre-sliced bread. Don’t use plastic packets of butter and marmalade.
What other tips would you add to this list? Let us know.