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Westminster Kingsway College has launched a new book celebrating its past, present and future culinary stars and the teaching of Hospitality and Culinary Arts as well as featuring recipes taken from the College’s illustrious restaurants.


For over 100 years, Westminster Kingsway College has been at the forefront of culinary education in the UK. The College’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts can boast a heritage dating back to the great Auguste Escoffier. ‘In a Class of its Own’ celebrates the College’s enduring legacy, with contributions from current staff and esteemed former students, including Jamie Oliver, Paul Gayler and Ainsley Harriott. Also featured are a series of beautifully illustrated recipes taken from throughout the College’s illustrious history. All in all, it’s the definitive document of the place where the culinary stars of tomorrow are born and a place that is, truly, in a class of its own.


The illustrated book has been written by Gary Hunter, Head of Hospitality and Culinary Arts at Westminster Kingsway College together with Adam Kay, a renowned writer for the food industry. Gary Hunter has been working at Westminster Kingsway College for over 15 years and brings a huge wealth of experience to his role. Gary has been a Head Chef, Pastry Chef and Development Chef during his time working in the hospitality industry and has worked in Michelin-starred establishments.


Gary said: “I was really attracted to the College as the reputation and history of this establishment is second to none in the Hospitality Industry for education and training. I have a passion for learning and for stretching the boundaries of the culinary arts and each of our students wants to explore the relationship between science, technique and art in professional cookery. Also our hospitality students have such an enthusiasm for real hospitality, this is a rare virtue so how can you not be inspired by that?


Gary also teaches on a number of courses at the College and is pleased to be regularly launching new courses in Culinary Arts and Hospitality. “The college never rests on its laurels. It adapts to the changing educational and industry environment responsively and responsibly. The teaching team at Westminster Kingsway College is the best in the UK.”


In authoring this book Gary was inspired by the history of the college, some of which had been hidden away in the archives for many years. “It was important to historically identify the influential link between us and Auguste Escoffier, because we remain true to his principles and values today. But we also have very strong connections with the Universal Cookery and Food Association who are now known as the Craft Guild of Chefs. With Baroness Burdett-Coutts and Herman Senn, they were instrumental in the concept of the first professional hospitality and cookery school in the UK.”


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