Brian Mellor, who holds Master Craftsman Status with the Craft Guild of Chefs, has recently opened his culinary abode in an Old Victorian School that was previously abandoned.

Harthill Cookery School unlocked its doors for the first time in four years as part of a rural regeneration project to bring this 150 year old English village and school back to life.

‘It is a shame that so many old buildings are not being used these days that were once the hub of village life. At Harthill it’s like living with history, you know that this building holds many memories for so many people. I wanted to retain the school’s character and keep its place at the heart of the community.  As a cookery school, it’s a place where people, both professionals and public with a passion for food can come to explore and learn’- says Brian

On 10th September, you will have the opportunity to watch Brian cooking with game right here at the Speciality Food Fair. He is best known for his many appearances at food festivals, hosting chefs’ theatres around the country and contributing to many International Salons Culinaires. His career has seen him in roles such as Personal Chef for the board at Granada TV and BBC, cooking for celebrities and royalty or managing a team of 70 chefs.

‘I built my career around developing and passing on skills. It’s great to see the smile on people faces when they are making a pie, baking their first loaf or rolling out their own pasta. This is what we do at Harthill whether it’s traditional British dishes or modern European ones, we make people feel at ease with what they want to do in the kitchen.’

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