This week Churchill is embarking on a charity challenge to benefit the Douglas Macmillan Hospice in Stoke on Trent.


In just 48 hours Churchill’s Stoke on Trent factory will make from scratch, decorate and fire a specially designed mug which will then be run by a team of employees from Stoke to its showroom in Islington, London.

Already with the help of the local supply chain Churchill has manufactured 6,000 mugs which are being sold through 100 local companies with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. Staff on the factory floor also donated an hour of their time to make this happen.


With a target of £40,000 to raise, members of the team have taken the challenge to heart getting friends and family involved in a city that is proud of it’s pottery heritage. The Douglas Macmillan Hospice is run entirely on donations and is testament to the community that it is marking it’s 40th and Churchill wanted to do something special to help mark this achievement.


The challenge was the brainchild of Production Director Paul Smith, who having already completed 2 marathons on behalf of the charity wanted to do something extra special for its landmark anniversary, 

‘Fundraising for the Dougie Mac has become an important part of life at Churchill and this year I thought it would be great to try something more challenging that would involve a greater number of the team here. The idea came from the technology we have on the factory floor now and how quickly we can turn around production and from that it just escalated into testing our service promise.


Everyone in the company is really getting behind it and some of the team have also started a running club to train. It is an exciting project and the enthusiasm for it is just amazing.’


The challenge has already raised over £15,000 but this week is critical to achieving the amount.


Starting today at 8pm when the clay will start to become the mugs production will run overnight and the run is expected to start at 6am Wednesday 22nd. The runners will then run in relay until finally reaching the Islington showroom at approximately 5pm Thursday 23rd May.


Donations can be made at and activity can be followed on the dedicated blog


There will also be a small reception at the end and Churchill would like to extend an invitation to attend from 4pm onwards.