The 9th in a series of Dingley Dell ‘Flying Visits’ is set to hog the limelight alongside young chefs, as the food element at the Master Chefs of Great Britain’s Young Chef of the Year Award at Novotel West London, on May 20th.

Bringing together pigs, pork, farmers, butchers, top chefs, catering college students and Fantastic lecturers –  Flying Visits celebrates the pig in all its glory.

Flying Visit will showcase the journey of a Dingley Dell pig from farm to fork with a multi media piggy presentation, a few choice words from the ‘Hogfather’ (farmer Mark Hayward), an expert pork butchery demo from Tom Roberts of Direct Meats, a short pig welfare talk from Bob Waller of the RSPCA’s Freedom Food  - and then – course after course of piggy delights from a unique line up of top chefs. 

For this piggy extravaganza, we are working once again with “A Passion to Inspire”  and Murray Chapman , he has brought together 10 Colleges , 12 lecturers and over 32 students ( for Kitchen and Front of House ) from all over the country with the Support of The Master Chefs of Great Britain and The Craft Guild of Chefs  - to assist with The Chefs and Menu that they have also complied  .

Visit for more information and to see a Flying Visit ‘in action’