lorry.jpgThe sun’s out, another week’s issue of Caterer and Hotelkeeper has been put to bed and, as if the world doesn’t seem a warm and cuddly enough place already, a bit of food-supply news has just come in to warm – or should that read ‘chill’ – the cockles.
Foodservice wholesale distributor, 3663 First for Foodservice has donated one of its ‘end-of-term’ trucks for use in various humanitarian relief projects in Africa.
Normally, lorries that have been replaced are stripped down, and their parts recycled elsewhere across the fleet, but not this time. Better still, the lorry has been loaded up with books, medical supplies and wheelchairs. Once these gifts are offloaded, the vehicle will be used to distribute perishable food items to remote African villages.
More than 20,000 people and five community projects are expected to benefit from the lorry and its contents. Credit where credit’s due …
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