The latest equipment offering from Maestrowave is the new Combi Chef 7, with Menu Creator 2.0™.

This is the latest and most flexible Combi Chef ever produced by Maestrowave.

As the name suggests, this oven is able to operate in a verity and combination of modes making it the most flexible, efficient and easy to use oven yet! If the chef wants to bake, roast, grill, steam, defrost, regenerate, microwave, boil or simply keep food warm this is the oven that can do it all.

Packed full of new features and the latest version of Menu Creator, being Menu Creator 2.0™, this oven will produce the best results ever in super quick time!

As an example, a beef topside joint of up to 6lb (2.7kg) can be cooked in combination mode in just 11 minutes. By using the combination mode of grill and convection, you can also be sure of a quality result!

Now that’s accelerated cooking, with quality!

The new ‘create your own menu’ feature now allows for up to 99 menus to be pre programmed using any method of oven, microwave, grill or

combination or microwave plus oven or microwave plus grill using the turbo fan function on or off!

A Maestrowave SD memory card is supplied with each oven enables simply to use programming via a PC. With this new software and the advanced Combi Chef 7 far greater control can be achieved across multi-site operations where uniformity of menu delivery is vital. New menus can be developed and adapted centrally using the Menu Creator2.0™ software and then deployed into remote sites via an updated SD card at the touch of a button! Errors are eliminated, with perfect cooking stages and timings all pre-programmed on the software, so quality results can be delivered time after time, improving customer experience and reducing costly waste.

The beauty of Menu Creator 2.0™ is that it is extremely simple to understand and operate. Loading menu information takes seconds and accessing saved menus for updating is very easy too. However, if a user requires it, full technical support is available. The system operates off standard PC software and is Windows 7 compatible.

The oven comes complete with the Menu Creator 2.0™ SD card, air filters, a ceramic insulating tray, for use when using metal dishes in combination mode and a wire rack shelf for use in convection, combination, grill, grill convection and fan grill functions.

The new Combi Chef 7, is available through RH Hall, the national exclusive distributor for Maestrowave.