Moe%27s%20Tavern.jpgThis week, the Hotel Cateys reach their judging stage. Posting blogs may be tricky: I’ll be holed up all day in a succession of central London hotel rooms chairing judging sessions, and when I do surface, the only news I’ll have to report will be our winners – which are top-secret until the autumn.
So here, in the meantime, is a little competition to keep you amused (I confess: I lifted all of the questions from a round in this week’s University Challenge.)
If you know the answers, fill in the comments box below and send them in to me. If I receive more than one set of correct answers, I’ll choose my favourite tiebreaker answer. I’ll send a bottle of champagne to the winning entry.
One: In which Hollywood director’s movies does the Big Kahuna Burger repeatedly appear?
Two: Which cartoon characters work at Burger World in Highland, Texas?
Three: What is Milliways Restaurant otherwise known as?
Tiebreaker: what is you favourite fictional restaurant, bar or hotel?