Alfred.jpgOther magazines and websites may be content to focus on a single subset of the hospitality industry, but here at the Caterer Group we like to challenge ourselves.
I like to think of us as a great, big bag of Revels with all the toffees removed – lots of different flavours, none of them disappointing. All facets of the industry are covered, from restaurants to hotels and from pubs to corporate dining, and at times this can make for some pretty varied working days for us journalists.
Take today. At lunchtime, Caterer Towers were visited by frozen meal suppliers (and Cateys sponsors) Apetito, who were keen to present their palatable new range of primary school meals. I tried the lasagne and the meatballs and can confirm that neither would have me calling my mum and asking her to pass me a burger through the school gates.
Three hours later, an impeccably attired gentleman in tails was leading me through the corridors of Buckingham Palace and past the famous first floor balcony from where the Royal Family have done some of their best waving, to a teatime reception at which the new City & Guilds Level 2 dimploma for butlers was unveiled.
The palace was, well, palatial. In common with many of London’s poshest addreesses, there was Moulton Brown in the loos. And, inevitably, there was a plate of Duchy biscuits on the sideboard.
I’ll write more about the course in next week’s Caterer. Suffice to say, it sounds fascinating, and a positive step towards improving levels of service in this country. Course modules such as “introduction to wines, spirits and cigars”, “maintaining surfaces and antique furnishings” and “country sports” had me tempted to jack in this editing lark and retrain.
Who’s your favourite fictional butler? Mine’s Batman’s butler, Alfred (pictured).