Learning the science behind what goes on in the kitchen is becoming increasingly crucial for chefs. Understanding what is happening when you prepare and cook dishes can help ensure that you get the right flavours and textures in your finished dishes, and reduces the chance you may get things wrong. Furthermore, equipment and ingredients previously found exclusively in laboratories are appearing more and more in kitchens around the country, and it is useful for chefs to understand what benefits this equipment can have, and how they can be used.


Westminster Kingsway College is offering a three day seminar in the new Culinary Laboratory which will explain the science behind ingredients and culinary processes, and show you some of the new flavours and textures that can be created with the new techniques and equipment available.


This new series of industry seminars with renowned experts in the field of culinary sciences are suitable for both kitchen and pastry specialists, who wish to develop their culinary knowledge. The seminars are aimed at those who are intrigued about the science behind their cooking and wish to gain an understanding about the properties of food. The subject is explored through discussions, experiments and practical activities. There are three seminars in the series which can be booked together or separately:


Seminar 1: Flavour, Multimodal Perception and its Culinary Applications. This will cover: The Science of Flavour Perception |Novel Flavour Combinations | Flavour Infusion and Extraction.

Seminar 2: Texture Modification – Aeration, Emulsification, and Gelation

This will cover: gels and gelling techniques | The science behind emulsion and mousse stability | New techniques and ingredients for making mousses and emulsions.

Seminar 3: The Effect of Temperature on the Flavour and Texture of food. This will cover: Traditional cooking methods and heat transfer | Temperature controlled cooking – investigating sous vide methods | The science of freezing, and new freezing techniques.


All of the seminars will be presented by Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart Ph.D, and chef lecturer, Terry Tinton. The one day seminars will include light refreshments on arrival and a set lunch, costing £200 per person per seminar. Special offer – book all three seminars for £500 per person.   Westminster Kingsway College is also offering Craft Guild members a 10% discount.


Next available course dates for 2012/13:

Seminar 1 – Monday 12 November 2012

Seminar 2 – Monday 14 January 2013

Seminar 3 – Monday 4 March 2013


For further information or to book a place contact Westminster Kingsway College

Call: 0870 060 9800

Visit: www.westking.ac.uk

Email: courseinfo@westking.ac.uk

Twitter @Westking or Facebook.com/westminsterkingsway