And now for The National Chef of the Year Menus….let battle commence….


Andrew Wright, Seared scallops with butternut squash, caramel cobnuts, sultana’s, crispy shallots and a coconut infused fish cream.

Bacon wrapped loin of venison, smokes mash potato, savory savoy cabbage, sticky beetroot, celeriac, salisify and a “pressure cooked” port sauce.,

Mascapone and vanilla mousse, poached blackberries, apple compote and a bramley apple sorbet.


Alyn Williams, Fillets of mackerel/salted cucumber/mussels/parsley/
lemon puree/pak choi/turnip

Saddle of Venison/roasted &smoked/
beets/fig/salsify/rösti/yoghurt/cooking juices

Caramelised white chocolate pannacotta/
orange doughnuts/hazelnut ice cream.


Joe McCafferty, Fried mackerel with apple, ginger and soy.

Venison loin with port teriyaki, shallots, Jerusalem artichokes, girolles.

Vanilla and blackberry panacotta, mango basil sorbet.


Paul Dunstane, Roast and vinaigrette of scallops, apples, celeriac and bacon, hazelnut cream.

Caramelized veal sweet breads, clams, parsley puree, red wine salsify and giroles. Orange and Clementine risotto, bitter chocolate crunch marscapone and white chocolate.


John Howie, Mousseline of Scallops with seafood medley, fennel, vine tomatoes and shellfish Nage.

Loin of Venison served with a Wensleydale blue Potato Cake, Sweet and Sour Plums, Savoy Cabbage with bacon, Butternut squash, girolles and a black Peppercorn Jus.

Flavours of Toffee, Apple and Chocolate Madagascan Chocolate velour, Cinder Candy Wafer, Calvados toffee Apples, Vanilla Ice cream and hot Butterscotch Sauce


Paul Matthews, Cornish Flame Grilled Mackerel, Cucumber, Scallops and Parsley. Seared Rose veal fillet, glazed sweetbreads, saffron potato, artichokes and butternut. Arriba Chocolate Cremux, Apple, Lemon and Blackberry.


Justin Galea, Pan Seared Loch Crinan Scallops
Sweetbreads, butternut squash & sauce Thai

Supreme of Yorkshire Grouse
Girolles, apple, artichoke, buttered cabbage & potato purée.

Barry Callebaut Dark Chocolate Mousse
Breton biscuit & yoghurt ice-cream.


Hayden Groves, Flame grilled Mackerel, Beetroot, Fennel, Apple and Horseradish.

Classic Grouse, Glazed Salsify, Spinach and Bacon, Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes,
Fresh Cobnuts, Blackberries.

Madagascar 66% chocolate Marquise, Warm Chocolate Cake, Mango and passion fruit.