Lausanne.jpgHow would you like to bag a free place at a 14-day Hospitality Management Summer Programme at the Ecole Hotelerie de Lausanne, Switzerland? Or perhaps you’d like to brush up your management skills at Cornell University, USA, or our very own Cranfield University School of Management?
The Master Innholders are currently accepting applications for their MI Scholarship scheme – but you’ll have to hurry if you want to be in with a chance as the closing date for applications is July 31st. And don’t expect to waltz onto the guest list of a high-value training course without a bit of effort on your part.

To be in with a chabnce of winning a scholarship, you’ll need to answer three of the following six questions:
* Describe your own management style, and the management style you most admire.
* The hotel industry has benefited from the influx of labour from the new members of the EU. How should we prepare for when this source of labour dries up?
* Does attention to detail matter? (Clue: the short answer is “yes”)
* What is it about the course that you have chosen that appeals to you and why?
* What is the most difficult thing you have to do in your current job?
* UK Tourism will receive a huge boost with the Olympic Games in 2012. What steps should be taken now to improve customer service in our industry to reap a lasting benefit?