Adande Refrigeration is membership sponsor for the Craft Guild of Chefs during 2012 / 2013 and will offer to pay one year’s membership to 100 buyers of Adande product.

“Adande Refrigeration is proud to support the aims and objectives of the Craft Guild of Chefs, chiefly, the development of higher standards through training, the advancement of the art of cookery and the science of food, and raising the profile of professional chefs,” says Adande Chairman Nigel Bell.

Every time a chef buys an Adande product – the original two-drawer fridge/freezer unit, the ‘Matchbox’ variant, the Chef Base or the new Compact or Saladette – Adande will promote the Guild to the buyer (if not already a member) and offer to sponsor membership for one year. Sales of Adande units have grown four-fold over the last three years and continue to grow quickly – so there will be no shortage of potential new members!

Marc Wilkinson

“First to join up courtesy of Adande is Marc Wilkinson,” says Adande Sales Director UK, Karl Hodgson. “He is a chef who has one of the smallest restaurants in the UK and is looking forward to getting involved with Guild members in his area. Marc is Chef Patron of Restaurant Fraiche, Oxton, The Wirral. It is the first on Merseyside to be awarded three AA rosettes and Marc has also been named a rising star by Michelin.”

Marc chose Adande because, “I wanted drawers for the kitchen, especially with freezer capability, to work with the Pacojet system. Adande seemed best suited to this purpose as it will hold temperature, even though my kitchen gets quite warm. It is also small, so the fact that the Adande can double as a work bench is a bonus.

“It was also a good opportunity to join the Guild – I am just taking on new staff and I would like to get them involved in further training or competition work in the future, as part of their development.”