The Broadland Farms Fresh Turkey range from the traditional home of British turkey farming in Norfolk has earned the ultimate seal of approval from the UK’s leading chef’s association.

Three high ranking members of the Craft Guild of Chefs were tasked with putting four products from the Bernard Matthews Foodservice range through their paces to determine whether they were good enough to display the association’s ‘Approved Product’ logo.

Exceeding the pass mark, the quality cuts, which chefs can ‘lean on’ to create low fat, turkey dishes on menus all year round, were Fresh Turkey Carvery Crown, Fresh Turkey Butterfly, Fresh Single Turkey Breast Lobe and Fresh Thick Cut Turkey Steaks.

Overall, all three chefs were impressed with the range of cuts available, which can be used throughout the year, and liked their versatility to be used in a multiple of dishes and recipe.

Specifically, they commented that the steaks were good for simple, quick turnaround lunches and escalopes, the butterfly cut was ideal for stuffing and slow braising, while the carvery crown and lobe would make ideal ingredients for roasts and sandwiches.

In terms of packaging, it was deemed very easy to follow, while one chef said the Broadland Farms story would appeal in his five star hotel restaurant, another agreeing it added value.

They also commented that frozen meat when defrosted didn’t always have the same structure and lost some of it moisture, while large joints took time to defrost correctly. They agreed that fresh meat retained flavour better, with less water content compared to frozen.

Having a product range approved by the Craft Guild of Chefs means chefs can immediately see it has been highly rated by their peer group, meaning they can buy and use the products with confidence. To pass, products must achieve a ‘C’. The Broadland Farms Fresh Turkey cuts under scrutiny exceeded this and were awarded an overall ‘B’ rating.

As an all year round ingredient, fresh British turkey breast is, typically, cheaper to buy than other meats, ultra versatile and low in fat and saturated fat.

For more information on ordering the new products, call 0845 519 4097.

Broadland Farms Fresh Turkey products with Craft Guild ‘Approved Product’ logo
• Fresh Turkey Carvery Crown (7.25 – 9.5kg)
• Fresh Turkey Butterfly (3.5 – 4kg)
• Fresh Single Turkey Breast Lobe (2 – 2.25kg)
• Fresh Thick Cut Turkey Steaks (6 x 6 x 200g + or – 25g)