Wednesday’s (4 April 2012) results from the Wessex Salon Culinaire so far…

The Table Lay Up
Lucy Jones, Brockenhurst College, Gold Best in Class
Chloe Flynn, Brockenhurst College, Gold
Amy Scott, Brockenhurst College, Gold
Thomas Wyatt, Worchester College, Silver
Michael Norris, Bedford College, Bronze
Porebska Bozena, Crown Moran, Certificate of Merit

Sauce the Protein
Hassan Saker, Bedford College, Gold Best in Class
Marzena Nowakowska, Crown Moran Hotel, Silver
Ben Searle, Crown Moran Hotel, Bronze

Potato Cuts
Zoe Lewis, Worchester College, Bronze
Thomas Freidli, Worchester College, Certificate of Merit
Todd Turner, Worchester College, Certificate of Merit

Petit Fours Weds
Lisa Fhithyan, John Lewis Southampton, Gold Best in Class
Magge Kinchington, John Lewis Southampton,Bronze

Patisserie Skills
Chelcie Williams, Brockenhurst College, Silver
Roxanne Fellows, Worchester College, Bronze
Ashley Randell, John Lewis Southampton, Bronze
Alex Guilfoy, Brockenhurst College, Bronze
Luke Ford, Brockenhurst College, Bronze
Hannah Ramplee, Eastleigh College,Bronze
Thomas Wyatt, Worchester College, Certificate of Merit
Charlotte Elkins, Worchester College, Certificate of Merit

Afternoon Tea Pastries
Terri Ford, RAF Club, Silver
James Barber, John Lewis Southampton, Bronze

Induction Two Pan
Marzena Nowakowska, Crown Moran, Silver Best in Class
Hassan Saker, Bedford College, Merit
Terri Easton, West Thames College, Merit
Marcus Riccio, Bedford, Merit

Fish First Course
Christian Orner, Le Petit Chaufleur, Certificate of Merit
Emulsion and Makeover Weds
Jason Doyle, Bedford College, Certificate of Merit
Decorative Fruit Tart Weds
Daniel Roberts,Haven Hotel,Silver

Decorative Cake

Nikki Lee Shoosmith, Haven Hotel, Bronze
Cold Chocolate Dessert Weds
Daniel Roberts,Haven Hotel ,Certificate of Merit

Cocktail & Coffee Weds
Chloe Flynn, Brockenhurst College, Gold Best in Class
Jamie Hoyland, Eastleigh College, Gold
Lucy Jones, Brockenhurst College, Gold
Andrew Gritt, Brockenhurst College, Gold
Shaun Thurston, Brockenhurst College, Gold
Cindy Bowler, Eastleigh College, Silver

Chicken Main Course
Steve Jarmen, Wellington College, Silver

3 Course Gourmet Meal
Jitinder Joshi, Wellington College, Silver