IMG_0490.jpgIt’s not as spooky as it looks! Although the pic on the left is from the latest cooking in schools workshop, which took place at the Simon Balle School in Hertford on October 20th.

The Food Appreciation Workshops aim to get children and parents cooking as a family. This latest event was another 
resounding success.

The class of 20 prepared and cooked up four dishes over a two-hour period. This included carving pumpkins and then roasting off the seeds, as the pumpkin flesh was turned into a warming cream of pumpkin soup.

The group also made a spicy olive and cous cous dish using British chicken thighs, with the spice coming from blending Garam Masala with turmeric. The final dish was an interesting parsnip cake with pear and pineapple, which can also work when you add no sugar.

Ian Nottage was on hand with a fantastic seasonal fruit and veg display and he also talked about availability and usage of different products. Would you believe that the American Indians used to dry out the skins of pumpkins and eat it as a Jerk style product?!? We weren’t so sure either!

Watch this space for the next event!