Let’s fact it – life in the kitchen can be hot, stressful, emotive and even aggressive. The hours are often long, demands are high and conflict can easily occur. It’s sometimes even said that chefs are some of the most challenging people to manage. Thankfully, in our experience, the vast majority of chefs are passionate, hardworking and professional who aspire to learn more about people skills and leadership.

More often than not, however, they do not get the opportunity to develop these skills. Instead learning programmes focus on the food on the plate. Yet for a business to be profitable it needs to ensure that its people are working to their maximum potential. The only, and best, way this can be done is by ensuring leaders are equipped with the people skills to drive motivation and engagement amongst their teams.

When chefs are looking to advance their people management skills they have a couple of options. In the majority of kitchens this type of development is mainly provided on the job, through mentors or in some cases internal learning programmes. There are some external courses available however and the Craft Guild highly recommends one by learnpurple.

The learnpurple course can either be a public course or a bespoke session adapted perfectly for your kitchen, this participant-led workshop is designed specifically for chefs who are looking to develop basic management and leadership competencies as well as enhancing people skills. It provides essential techniques so chefs can perform in new ways, deal with the challenges of leading a team within a kitchen and enables aspiring leaders to being to manage as well as they can cook.

It isn’t just about having technical people skills however, holding strong behavioural skills is just as important and these can be developed by using lots of low cost / no cost methods.

Encouraging reading of trade publications, using job swaps or work placements or signing up to industry experts’ newsletters / bulletins are all great solutions. For more information, please visit www.learnpurple.com or contact Ben on 0207 836 6999 / ben@learnpurple.com.