It was my privilege to be among a small group of hotel and hospitality people at a lunch the other day to discuss plans for the next Independent Hotel Show (Olympia October 21st & 22nd)

Clearly the organisers have decided to raise the bar yet again and to make sure that the business sessions, on two stages, are absolutely relevant to those who own and manage luxury or “boutique” hotels in the UK. This is especially interesting for me because all of Pride of Britain’s members fall into this category.

A couple of guests at the lunch challenged the idea that we are all obsessed with creating our own BRANDS and said, with brilliant simplicity, that instead what we really want to know is how to make our hotels sexy. After all, isn’t that exactly what the most successful operators have managed to do?

Sadly, dear reader, I do not have all the answers here but if you’d care to come to the show we shall, I suspect, hear some really good suggestions.