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Janet Street Porter.jpgRecent research by VisitEngland revealed that holidays at home are on the increase, with holiday trips taken by UK residents in England in the first four months of 2009 up 13% on the same period last year.

Judging by Janet Street-Porter’s article in the Daily Mail Online today, however, not all holidaymakers will have found a UK break a happy and relaxing affair.

The TV presenter and journalist reckons that “having a fun holiday in the UK is so bloody difficult” and that “going to Mars” would be simpler than organising a mini-break.

She lambasts our levels of customer service, saying that “as a nation we’ve no idea how to be servile, willingly dish up tasty meals or welcome visitors with smiley rather than surly faces”.

She brands our transport system as “over-priced and incomprehensible”.

And she rails against trendy websites that “take ages to download” and feature a maze of room rates, offers and ticket types.  

The cockerney columnist reached these conclusions while booking two getaways, one in Northumberland and another in Edinburgh. If you operate a hotel in either region, you might want to check your forward bookings and see if there’s a J Street Porter on the list. If there is, be afraid, be very afraid.