Thumbnail image for yasminasiadatan_large01.jpgLast night the hospitality industry’s Yasmina Siadatan beat finalist Kate Walsh to become Sir Alan Sugar’s apprentice.

With both finalists leading teams tasked with each creating new chocolate brands from scratch, creating an advertising campaign and presenting to an audience of chocolate industry experts, the pressure was intense.

But 27-year old Yasmina’s experience of running her own restaurant, Mya Lacarte, with her brother and managing the pressure and demands that come with it paid off.

Sir Alan Sugar even said it was the toughest final decision he’d ever had to make in the boardroom since The Apprentice began.

Of course, while we are delighted that Yasmina’s publicly shown that the hospitality industry is the perfect environment to develop skills and make your mark, the sector will on-the-face-of-it be losing a talented restaureteur. 

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